Rhino Crowd Cooler Cooling Fan 110v or 240V



A powerful fan that delivers high output air circulation in large areas. Among the key features of this model are the adjustable tilt and height settings. These make it possible to direct cool air to where it is most needed. The fan itself consists of five blades and the diameter of the fan is fifty centimetres. The cooler ahs a 780W motor

Rhino Crowd Cooler Fan 110v or 240v

  • 5 Blade 50cm diameter balanced fan
  • Variable output - 1,400m3/ph to 9,100m3/ph
  • 780W motor
  • Supplied with 3m lead
  • Noise level 70dBA
  • Height adjustable up to 2.1 metres
  • Black and orange in colour
  • Weight 40kg
  • Size 800 x 600 x 1450mm