Saber and Reciprocating Saws


Saber and Reciprocator Saws - From AEG and Rems cat Tigers saws with clamp very high quality at the best prices. Also available are a selection of hand held threaders including the Rems EVA Hand Ratchet Pipe Threaders 1-2in - 11-4in and the Rems Amigo E Set M  Pipe Threader also Rems Amigo Set M16 - 20 - 25 - 32mm Metric Set and Rems Amigo 2 Set R 1-2in - 2in BSPT Set we also have pipe threading machines in stock Rems Tornado 2000 Threading Machine 2in and the Rems Magnum with 2in, 3in and 4in die heads along with additional Rems wheel stands and Cutting oil. We also stock Rems Tiger saws, Metal cutting Chop saws and metal cutting Circular Saws with cutting Discs and Saw Blades to suit.