110V LED Luminator Floodlight Tower


SKU: E712661

Portable lighting tower delivering 30000 Lumens of super bright light in 360and#176; spread. Available in 110V only.
  • Part No: E712661 - 110V
  • SUPER BRIGHT - delivers 30,000 Lumens
  • POWER - standard 110V supply
  • LOW WATTAGE - only 374W
  • MANAGE LIGHT POLLUTION ON SITE - 360and#176; or 180and#176;
  • ECO MODE - offers valuable energy savings
  • DURABLE - robust and durable roto-moulded polyethylene body ensures protection from the risk of damage typical in construction, providing an extended working lifetime
  • MAXIMUM COVERAGE - 360and#176; light spread
  • RETRACTABLE - motor-driven telescopic mast is made from corrosion-resistant aluminium, up to 4M
  • WIND RESISTANT - three screw and lock outriggers enable the unit to be used in blustery outdoor conditions and withstand winds up to 65mph
  • COMPACT DESIGN - makes easy work of transporting the unit on its integral wheels


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