Refina Megamixer MZR21 110v or 230v With Twin Paddles


SKU: 452210

The MZR21 megamixer is a solidly built mixer with a heavy duty motor, long life gearbox and twin paddles. It has a double-grip handle to make mixing easier, as it is capable of mixing heavy-duty plaster and mortar mixes, including ceramics, granulates, rubbers and epoxies. A key feature of this mixer is that it has high torque and slow speed for handling heavy materials.

Refina Megamixer MZR21 110v or 230v With Twin Paddles

The twin paddles reduce counter rotation and the mixer will not twist when mixing heavier materials. It also minimises operator fatigue and increases mixing efficiency particularly with stiff materials. The MZR21 is ideal for mixing heavy mortars, fibre filled cements, pastes, putties and epoxies. 


  • 1 year guarantee on power tool & paddle
  • 110 or 230v voltage available
  • H shaped double-grip handle for ease of use and mixing
  • Soft start variable speed on all models
  • For heavy duty plaster & mortar mixes
  • 16amp plug on 110v model, 13amp plug on 230v model

Technical Data:

  • Motor/Voltage: 110v or 230v
  • Power Input: 1200W
  • Speed: 400rpm
  • Weight: 6.7kg
  • Vibration: 4.3m/s

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