Refina MZR21 240v 1150w Megamixer


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Refina MZR21 MegaMixer with Twin Paddles 240v - Also in stock are Electric Mixing Machines, plaster mixers and Mixing Paddles for cement and epoxies etc

Refina Plaster Mixer - MZR21 1150w 240v Mega Mixer


MEGAMIXERS are robust, durable paddle mixers, part of the largest range of technical mixing equipment in the UK; they will thoroughly mix all those materials that can't be properly mixed in a free fall cement mixer. Increasingly modern building materials are supplied pre-bagged and require thorough mixing to get the best results - poor mixing and matching is the most common causes of material fail.

  • Powerful positive contra-rotating mix action
  • Twin paddles for thorough mixing
  • Easy mix action
  • For heavy epoxies, mortars & pastes
  • Fibre filled repair mortars
  • Bonding compound & hard wall
  • Ceramics, granulates & rubbers
  • Soft start, low splash
  • H handle mixer for easy handling

The twin contra-rotating paddles generate a thorough and consistent mix action that reduces air entrainment

The twin paddles reduce counter rotational torque and the mixer drill does not try and twist when mixing the heavier materials; it minimises operator fatigue particularly with stiff materials

The MZR21 is the most thorough mixer for heavy mortars, fibre filled cements, pastes, putties and epoxies the twin paddle action is also good for those plasters that are hard work to mix including bonding compound and hard wall

The MZR21 is suited to multi-component, specialist materials and critical mix applications


  • Heavy & repair mortars
  • Epoxies & screeds
  • Putties & lime mortars
  • Fibre filled materials
  • Specialist paints & coatings
  • Mix quantity 3 bag

Technical Data:

Motor/ voltage: 240v AC 40-60 Hz

Power input: 1150W

Speed: 450rpm

Weight: 6.8kg

Paddles: 452140 Twin Paddles For MZR21 Capacity: 25-75kg

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