The TIMCO Screw Range Has Landed!

TIMCO Screws have landed! We are really pleased to announce the arrival of the TIMCO Screw range on the Rapid Tools Direct site. You heard it here first, folks!

A TIMCO Fine Thread Drywall Screw

The TIMCO brand is a highly reputable one and the quality of their products meant that we had no hesitation in adding their screws to our site. To help you choose the right screw for your needs, we have put together a profile of the different types and the uses that each are best suited for:

    1. Top of the bill are the ever-popular multi-purpose Classic Screws. They are made of zinc, are yellow passivated and are sure to prove a boon to professional tradesmen and DIY’ers throughout the country. A reliable screw for a multitude of tasks, including working with hardwood, softwood, thin sheet metal, chipboard, MDF and plastic. Think of them as a fixing workhorse – a jack of all screws if you will.


    1. Next up are the Drywall Screws – these are more specialised and are ideally suited to attaching drywall to wood or metal studs. They are not really designed for use with wood (see the Wood screws section below if you need screws for your woodworking project). Unlike the Classic screws discussed earlier, Drywall screws are black passivated and the business end of this screw has a 25 degree super sharp point. There is a choice of coarse and fine thread screws available.


    1. TIMCO Twin Threaded Wood Screws are perfect for using with softwoods and various types of hardwood. They are zinc plated with a double countersunk head and a 60 degree twin thread for faster insertion.


  1. Lastly, we have added Decking Screws that are designed to be used outside in all weather conditions. The organic green coating  provides great protection from the elements – these rugged screws have been able to withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray testing! They come with a double countersunk head and a double slash point for rapid pick-up.

So there we have it. Just remember that if you want to get the job done right first time use these screws – they will not disappoint. All the above are Phillips recess screws and can be purchased in tubs or boxes, whichever you prefer. Feel free to take a look on our site for more details.

A box of TIMCO Drywall screws

This is an exciting time for us at Rapid Tools Direct and we are sure that these new brands and products will prove to be hugely popular with our readers. As always the focus is on quality and providing our customers with the tools that they want at prices they can afford.

In fact, these screws are just the latest in a number of product additions that we are planning to introduce over the coming months. Stay tuned for some more exciting product announcements coming shortly!

3 Reasons To Use Industrial Electric Heaters This Winter

Now that the winter weather has really begun to bite, the importance of adequate heating in working environments such as garages, workshops and warehouses are becoming apparent. No one likes the cold!

In this post, we will talk about situations where heating in the workplace is important and why you may want to consider industrial electric heaters as a practical solution.

Here are 3 reasons why you may need industrial electric heaters:

  1. There is legislation in the UK governing temperatures in the indoor workplace which place a legal obligation on employers to provide a ‘reasonable’ temperature in the workplace. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 suggest that a minimum temperature in a workplace should normally be at least 16 degrees Celsius. It goes on to suggest that if the work involves rigorous physical effort, the temperature should be at least 13 degrees Celsius. Although these temperatures are not absolute legal requirements; the employer has a duty to determine what reasonable comfort will be in the particular circumstances. Using industrial heaters can help ensure that employers are complying with the law.
  2. Aside from keeping people warm, there are many occasions when heat can help speed up the completion of tasks; this is particularly relevant for painting and plastering work. Having a heat source in close proximity to wet paint or plaster assists the drying process. If you have industrial heaters available they can be strategically placed near walls or other surfaces to shorten drying times.
  3. A key advantage that industrial heaters have over other forms of heating is their versatility. They can, if necessary, supplement other forms of heating and they often produce more heat than a domestic heater. They are also portable and can be moved from location to location as needed.

Choosing the right industrial electric heater for your needs is very important. Everyone has different requirements so selecting a suitable heater is very much horses for courses.

Fortunately Rapid Tools Direct offers a great range of these heaters in stock. For example, the Rhino 50KW Space Heater can provide immediate heat very effectively to any large space.

Another alternative that may be of particular to those in the plastering community is the Rhino 1400 Infra-Red Heater. This heater is ideal for quickly drying plaster or paintwork. It will also suit office, warehouse, workshop or on site locations where it will produce a warm environment for those working nearby. This heater can be moved around easily as integral wheels are supplied with it.

There are just a few of the wide selection of heaters that we have available. Please feel free to browse the ranges that we offer. You are sure to find something that will warm the cockles of your heart!