TIMCO Woodscrews

TIMCO Twin Threaded Woodscrews are suitable for use into softwoods and many types of hardwood. They possess a sharp point and single leading thread which allows for a fast start. The twin-threads with parallel shank make faster insertion easier and also gives greater pull out resistance. With a large core diameter for extra strength, each screw is surface hardened. This has the advantage that it helps prevent torque shearing under load. These screws are tough, they are made from C10-18 Steel to ensure consistent quality. The fact that they are double countersunk reduces the likelihood of head shear and assists completion of countersinking. Sold in two-piece strengthened laminated boxes. Circular Saw Blades available along with Drill Bits for all applications. Screwdriver Tips also in stock from WERA.

The C2 decking screw comes with a double countersunk head and a double slash point for rapid pick-up. The organic green coating is able to with stand 1000 hour of salt spray testing and the T20 recess provides great fit and drive. The bit is provided inside the tub.