Padlocks and Chains

Henry Squire & Sons Ltd - independent family owned lock manufacturers since 1780     van-vault

Here we have a huge range of Squire Padlocks, Chains and Van Vault Vehicle Security Locks. From small Luggage Padlocks and Shed Padlocks to Hasp and Staples, Combination Padlocks, Long Shackle Padlocks, Closed Shackle Padlocks and Disc Padlocks. Keyed Alike Padlocks are ideal when a number of Padlocks are required to be opened using the same key. We also offer the Van Vault Cobra 8 and Van Vault Cobra 11 Chain & Padlock sets. The Van Vault Door Guard is a great way of keeping those little thieves out of your van. We have a range of cash boxes, security chests and drop key garage boxes. Available are quality Sony wireless security cameras and dummy cameras by Byron. Video door intercom and motion detector floodlights.