162mm Diamond Core - Duro Plus DPDC



Laser welded dry diamond core drill for use on 800 watt and above machines without impact. Side slots in the barrel to clear debris while in use. High performance drill with market leading 13mm segment height.

Duro Plus DPDC – 162mm Diamond Core


A range of top line, Laser Welded dry core drills for use on 800watt and above machines without impact. Slots in the side of the barrel clear debris in use. Dry Cutting.

Core Length: 150mm 

Segment Height: 13mm

Dry/ Wet: Dry

Segment Type: Segmented Turbo / Roof Top

Ventilation: Yes

Core Protection: Yes - Spiral


This product is great for use on the following:

  • Hard bricks
  • Blocks
  • Concrete with light reinforcement (5mm bar)
  • Medium and hard bricks and blocks

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