Alfra Rotabest V32 Angular - 110v & 240v


SKU: 18710

Alfra Rotabest V32 Angular Metal Core Magnetic Drilling Machine - High Quality German Made Rotabroach Machine

Alfra Rotabest V32 Angular Metal Core Magnetic Drills


Alfra Rotabest V32 Horizontal Metal Core Drilling Machine is ideal for confined tight spaces, where regular Metal Core Drilling Machines have to quit due to their height.

Technical Data:

  • Core Drills: 12 - 32mm
  • Cutting Depth: 25mm
  • Countersinking: 10 - 32mm
  • Input: 900W
  • 1-speed gearbox: 450rpm
  • Tool Holder: 19mm Weldon
  • Voltage: 110V 
  • Magnet Foot: 95 x 200mm (rigid)
  • Magnet adhesion: 16000N
  • Height: 227/185mm
  • Power cord: 3,0m
  • Weight: 12,5kg


  • Angular Drilling Machine Rotabest V 32
  • Coolant unit with hose and nipple
  • Transport case. Safety belt
  • Allen key for Weldon arbor
  • HSS Co Cutter Ø 18 mm, cutting depth 25 mm
  • Ejector pin 6,35 x 70 mm
  • Operation Manual

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