Armorgard BB2 BarroBox Mobile Site Security Box 740 x 1095 x 720 mm



BarroBox BB2 740 x 1095 x 720mm - Suppliers of Site Boxes and van chests for security of tools, Flameproof cabinets and tool vaults in stock

Armorgard BB2 BarroBox Mobile Site Security Box 740 x 1095 x 720 mm


  • Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks both sides with heavy duty chubb-style keys, welded security ID numbers and 6mm reinforcement
  • Unique wheel winder converts BarroBox from mobile to static in seconds! Powder coated for maximum durability
  • Robust construction from heavy duty steel plate throughout
  • Strong gas struts and safety catch fitted as standard - conform to industry standards
  • Robust folding handles ensure the barrobox is easy to manoeuvre
  • Heavy duty wheels to take impact

Theft of unattended tools on construction sites has risen at an alarming rate. The Amorgard BarroBox allows you to keep your tools safe from thieves when your back is turned. Robust, versatile and easy to operate, this ingeniously designed portable box solves the problem of on-site tool theft. To secure the vault, simply raise the wheels and lock the lid. When it's time to move, just lower the wheels using the internal handle and it's mobile in an instant.

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