Broaching Cutter 31mm x 50mm long Reach Cobalt

Bradford Tool Group

SKU: M42-31L

Rotabroach Cutter (COBALT) 31mm long Reach - High Quality Cutters For Broaching, Magnetic Based drills and Rotabore Machines along with Mag drilli

31mm Cobalt M42 Long Series Cutters - 50mm Cutting Depth

Product Descriptions

Our Cobalt M42 Long Series Broaching Cutters have been expertly designed to enable holes to be drilled through steel in a quick and energy saving way. The M42 Long series cutters have a cutting depth of 50mm.

The Cobalt M42 Range are designed for drilling harder materials, is less prone to chipping and has a longer life expectancy

All of our broaching cutters are fitted with the 19mm Weldon Shank, which means that they are suitable for use with all common magnetic-based drilling machines.

All broaching cutters must be used with a centre/pilot pin

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