DART Aluminium - Plastic Circular Saw Blade - 190mm, 48 teeth, 30mm bore


SKU: SNT1903048

DART 190mm Aluminium and Plastic Cut TCT High Quality Saw Blades,With Triple Chip Teeth, Ideal for Mitre Saws,Table Saws, Crosscut Saws and Rip Saws

DART Aluminium - Plastic Circular Saw Blade - 180mm, 48 teeth, 30mm bore

GOLD TCT Aluminium - Plastic Blades


These high quality DART blades feature a 'Triple Chip' tooth configuration for professionals.


  • A unique gold Titanium-Teflon coating which gives lower friction and resistance to wear.
  • The reamed bore ensures that you get a precise fit to the spindle.
  • The negative tooth angle give a superior quality of cut.
  • Suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, plastic & wood laminates.
  • Reducing rings are available for these blades

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