ESS Safeforce


The Datum DPL1+ Cross Line Laser produces two bright red horizontal and vertical Laser line beams for alignment work. The DPL1+ Laser can be used with the beams together creating a cross line or individually, easily switchable at the touch of a button.
With a built in compensator the DPL1+ quickly and accurately automatically self levels for easy one button operation, with all functions easily selectable using only two buttons for ease of use. The DPL1+ is a PULSE BEAM instrument that can be used externally with the optional Datum Pulse Laser Detector, for a working range of up to 120m.
Standard kit includes Magnetic Wall Bracket Adapter, Laser Target and Soft Carrying Pouch.
The DPL1+ has a ¼” thread and a 5/8” wall bracket adapter so will fit all conventional tripods.


One Button Operation
Up to 20 hours Operational Time with 3 x AA Batteries
+/-6° Built in Compensator
Class II Laser Diodes
Fits Any Tripod
Compensator Lock Function
Datum 2 Year Warranty
10m Working Range with Laser, Extends to 120m with Pulsed Detector
+/- 1mm per 3m Accuracy