Eibenstock EHD 2002 S Professional 1800W Heavy Duty Diamond Core Drill


SKU: 4702091

Eibenstock EHD 2002 S Professional 1800W Heavy Duty Diamond Core Drill is the next generation EHD diamond core drill that has been designed to supersede the original EHD 2000 core drill by upgrading specific key components and technologies to bring an even more capable and reliable drill to the industrial market.

Featuring an already popular selection of drill ergonomics and powerful gearbox reliability, this new EHD 2002 S diamond core drill has been fitted with an upgraded heavy-duty motor that is now capable of outputting 1800W of reliable core drilling power. This new level of power has been paired with a reinforced mechanical clutch and a new ergonomic gearbox design that allows you to select between first and second gear easier and is backed up with Eibenstock's signature durable green PUR construction site power cable.

This drill is also fitted with various safety features, including a current thermal overload cut out to protect the internal components from overloading and is specifically designed for cutting through brick, blockwork & masonry; cutting a fast, clean core hole up to 6" with ease.

The EHD 2002 S Diamond Core Drill is perfect for trade professionals needing reliability, power and accuracy and for those who find themselves coring many holes throughout their daily work schedule. Ideal for use by plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, Builders and drilling and fixing contractors thanks to its robust design and two-speed setting.


  • Powerful 1800W motor
  • Ergonomic robust gearbox
  • Two-speed selection
  • Mechanical safety clutch
  • PUR construction site power cable
  • Capable of cutting up to 6" holes
  • Designed for cutting brick, blockwork & masonry
  • Ergonomic grip and auxiliary handle
  • Current thermal overload cut out
  • Max hand-held drilling in brick and block: 162mm


  • Power: 1800W
  • Rated speed: 0 – 850 / 0 – 1700 rpm
  • No-load speed: 0 - 1500 / 0 - 3000 rpm
  • Spindle connection: M18 male
  • Collar diameter: 53 mm
  • Drilling diameter: 32 - 152mm
  • Weight: 5.9kg