Duro Dry Diamond Core Drill Bit (Shark) 38mm



The Duro 'SHARK' dry diamond core drill bits are the fastest, most efficient drill on the market with no snagging. It has laser welded 10mm teeth Segments to achieve incredible speed of cut and a smooth action. ANTI SNAG kantore segment technology - each core has one segment narrower than the other segments. ANTI SNAG conical core body that is 1mm narrower at the base than at the cutting edge.


Hard York stone, london brick, general house brick, handmade bricks, facing bricks, breeze block, lightweight concrete block, Class B Engineering bricks, lightly reinforced concrete.


  • Easy core withdrawal
  • No trapping while drilling
  • No core stress 
  • Reduced vibration
  • Smoother, efficient and effective drilling                                 
  • Reduced wear rates for longer product life