DURO Ultra DUA/C 350mm - Concrete / Asphalt / Metal / Hard Materials Blade



Duro Ultra Diamond Blades 14in 350DUA-C - High Quality Diamond Discs, Cutting wheels for Asphalt, Concrete and Stone with Stihl saws and Grinders

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DURO ULTRA DUA/C 450mm / 14in - 25.4mm Bore


A laser welded blade with patented high density forging technology. Narrow gullet design with conical segments. Very fast cutting with very long life.


- Indian Stone

- Class A Engineering Bricks

- Clay Products

- All Reinforced Concrete Types

- Ferrous Metal Sections up to 5mm guage

- Steel & Iron

- Hard Bricks

- House Bricks

- Abrasive Materials

- Asphalt

- Concrete Kerbs / Beams / Lintels & Flags

Segment Height: 13mm

Dry/ Wet: Both

Segment Type: Keyhole gullet - 4 deep draft segments

Ventilation: Yes

Core Protection: Yes - Double