Indirect Heating - Arcotherm EC55 51Kw Incl. Bronze Marquee Package



The Bronze Marquee Package includes: 1x EC55 Heater, 1 x diffuser, 1 x 7,6m length of high temperature ducting, rain cowl, 500mm length of stainless steel flue, and a thermostat


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Arcotherm EC55 Bronze Marquee Package


An Indirect Oil Fired Heater, the EC55 has an AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber and an automatic, built in oil burner, with a Danfoss pump. For extra safety, the EC55 is fitted with an electronic flame control device, a safety thermostat and an electronic control panel for ease of operation.

  • 174,000 BTu's Output<
  • 51Kw
  • Dual Voltage