Industrial Space Heater Propane Incl. Hose & Regulator (Bullfinch)


SKU: 1400-02

Industrial Spaceheater complete with hose and regulator assembly. No electric supply required. Clean burning - no smell. Great for all round heat and for drying out. Long lasting robust construction.
Also called Bin, Boxer, Calamander Heater.


  • No electric supply required
  • CE Marked
  • Excellent all round heat
  • Great for drying out
  • Long lasting robust construction
  • Very clean burning
  • You just need a cylinder of gas
  • With double skinned top to reduce temperature of top during burning.
  • Automatic piezo ignition
  • Flame failure security
  • Superb swirl burner gives compact high convectional heat output varying from 15 to 25kW
  • Complete with hose and regulator assembly (No.1401) (1051/01 Tinyreg, 4m of 4.8mm dia hose 1299, 2 hose clips).
  • Also called Bin, Boxer, Calamander Heater.

Superb Spaceheater No 1400/02 is particularly good for drying out buildings - very clean burning and great for heating and drying out - very rapid and even distribution of heat

This well tried heater is ideal for

  • heating warehouses,
  • small factories,
  • outhouses, and
  • drying out buildings.