Irwin Quick Clamp 18in



Quick Cramps 18in (IRWIN) Q-G518QC - Hand Vice designed for use with one hand, making it easy to position your work, These clamps can hold up to 135kg


IRWIN 18 Quick Clamp Quick

A Quick Change system which converts clamp to spreader in seconds.

The Quick-Change now provides the consumer with a greater clamping hold load of 135kg.

It also includes a new to the market lockable swivel feature which enables uneven surfaces to be clamped.

Swivel Jaw with lock for clamping uneven surfaces

Square XP-style protective pads protect the work surface Heavy-duty Construction which makes for a durable

long lasting clamp Improved Quick-Change Screw Mechanism allows for easy conversion to a spreader.

Clamping Capacity: 455mm

Spreading Capacity: 665mm

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