Kitchen Worktop Cutter (3 Pack)



The Trend C153/3 CraftPro Kitchen Worktop Cutter is suitable for a wide range of applications such as engraving, grooving, rebating and shallow morticing. Ideal for kitchen fitting, 50mm cutting length for worktops up to 40mm thick. With a 'K' marked shank for correct insertion depth, providing safer routing.

It has premium Tungsten Carbide cutting edges, ideal for use in solid timber and abrasive chipboard core worktops. With a bottom cut feature for plunge cut, slotting and morticing applications. The two flutes have highly ground tip faces, for a superior cutting performance and chip clearance. Its PTFE coated body reduces friction, heat and resin build-up for a longer lifespan.


Diameter: 12.7mm
Cutting Depth: 50mm
Shank: 1/2in