MAKITA Autofeed Screwdriver 6843 240v

Sig Fixings

SKU: 6843

The MAKITA Auto Feed Screwdriver 6843 is perfect for use with collated strip screws when fixing dry wall plasterboard. This quality machine will accept a range of collated drywall screws from 25mm to 55mm. The stopper base is fitted with an anti-tilt device to prevent screws from swaying.

A powerful tool that is a great timesaver. It will help you get work done quickly and efficiently.

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MAKITA 6843 Auto-Feed Screwdriver - 240V

  • Rigid aluminium casing
  • Stopper base with anti-tilt to prevent screws from swaying
  • Dust-proof construction for smooth sliding action
  • Screw Size Range: 25mm to 55mm