Paslode PPN35Ci Positive Placement Nailer

Sig Fixings

SKU: 014095

The fast and powerful Paslode PPN35Ci Nailer has superior battery technology allowing you to get more done between charges

Fast Hole Locator Probe – Save both time and money and complete the work with a better finish.

Hardened Twist Nails – The increased quality of the nails reduces misfiring, improving safety.

Start & Go® - Battery saving sensor technology stops battery discharge when not in use, Equalling savings of up to 25%, squeezing more shots per charge.

Fuel & Battery Gauge – Warns you when you’re down to your last 300 shots, so you’re never caught off guard.

Quick Charge Battery –In just one hour’s charge you can get 7,500 shots; 6,000 in 30 minutes and 200 shots in 2 minutes!