Portable Fume Extractor 110v or 240v (RHINO)


SKU: H03757

3-in-1 air mover with single speed 746W motor ventilates, cools and extracts clean or dirty air from both enclosed and open areas. Tough roto-moulded body with 6 sickle-type 300mm (12") fan blades. 3900m3/hr output. Includes 300mm x 5m ducting. Includes 16A 110V plug. (Code H03757).

  • FE300 Fume Extractor Kit 110V
  • 6 sickle-type 300mm (12") fan blades
  • 3900m3/hr output
  • Includes 16A 110V plug
  • 300mm x 5m ducting