Rawlplug Nails 3.1mm x 63mm x 1100pk Galv - Ring Shank Incl. 1 Fuel Cell (Paslode IM350 Compatible)


SKU: R-DRGH-3163

Rawl Nails Galv Ring Shank - Incl. 1 Fuel cell (Paslode IM350 Compatible) These strip nails are also ideal for use with rawl framing 1st fix nailer.


Rawl Nails 63mm x 1100PK Galv Ring Shank Incl. 1 Fuel Cell (Paslode Compatible) collated silver galvanised nails for use with the Rawl WW90CH framing nail gun.

Packs include high quality gas cylinders proven to prevent residue build up and misfires which plague cheaper imported nails.

Guaranteed Paslode Compatible.

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