Refina EPO180H 7" ATX Surface Stripper 110v or 230v (Eibenstock)


SKU: 4812081

The EPO180H is supplied with an ATX disc. This disc will strip water-based paints, textures and graffiti from plasterboard, ceilings, trowelled concrete, smooth brickwork, masonry and stone

The ATX discs are hard backed silicone carbide abrasives that will prep and grind concrete surfaces, stone, brick and masonry as well as removing surface coatings and contaminants

Coarse grit ZEC silicone carbide discs are available. These hard backed abrasive discs are for surface grinding and coating removal. 


  • Stripping paint & coatings
  • Cleaning flat brick, stone & concrete
  • Smoothing & refurbishing stone
  • Sanding & finishing concrete
  • Prepping walls, floors & ceilings
  • Epoxy paints
  • Latex screed
  • Terrazzo tiles