Refina Skid Leveller 600mm


SKU: 647324

Refina Skid Leveller 600mm - 647324 For Pumped screeds and self levellers, Suitable for working on rough, uneven floors


Refina Skid Leveller 600mm

The skid leveller has two end skids. It is more suitable working on rough and uneven floors. The depth is fully adjustable from 10mm to 30mm.

• Skid leveller
• Heavy gauge aluminium frame
• Slotted stainless steel blade
• Adjustable material depths (10mm-30mm)
• Replaceable skids
• Rust free

• Width 24 (600mm)
• Handle diameter 28mm
• Material depth adjustable from 10mm-30mm

• For epoxy coatings & latex
• Pumped screeds & self levellers
• Suitable for working on rough uneven floors