Rems Amigo 2 Set R 1/2in - 2in BSPT Set - 110v or 240v


SKU: 540020


Set includes Rems Amigo 2 Pipe Threader, 1-2in - 3-4in - 1in - 11-4in - 11-2in - 2in BSPT quick change die heads and steel carry case

REMS Amigo 2 Electric Die Stock with Quick Change Die Stocks


REMS Amigo 2 - extremely strong and fast up to 2"

Set includes Rems Amigo 2 Electric Die Stock, ½" - ¾" - 1" - 1 ¼" - 1 ½" - 2" BSPT quick change die heads and steel carry case.

Powerful, compact electric threading tool with unique support bracket, can be used anywhere without the need for a vice. Perfect for renovation jobs where thread sizes are between 1/8" to 2" or 16 - 50mm, also bolt threads ¼" - 1" and 6 - 30mm.

Die Heads:

The Die heads are manufactured from high grade steel and are fully tempered and hardened to ensure long die life.

Perfect design enables the user to experiences excellent start cutting, easy threading and no die stalling over long length threading. The dies have long pipe guidance for perfect centring and the chip holes are wider at the outside of the dies to offer good chip flow and clean threads.

The die heads seat perfectly into the lever head offering fast and easy die changeover.

Rems dies are universal to all Rems threading tools and virtually indestructible in use, this keeps die stocking down and makes for a very cost effective option.

Support bracket:

The unique support bracket holds the die stock in place against torque in both directions. It is solid and simple to use and does away with the need to clamp the pipework in a vice thus speeding up the threading operation and allowing pipes to be threaded in situation.

Drive Unit:

Compact and robust, ideal for site work, the slender design allows operating in confined areas. The drive unit is lightweight at only 4.9kg (without die head) and therefore ideally suited for single handed operation. The drive unit is solid and maintenance free boasting a 1,200w motor with 30% increased power thanks to the automatic carbon brush adjustment system. Peak power input is 1,800w and the machine has a fast threading speed of 18 - 30 rpm.

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