Site Drainage Trash Pump HS2.4S 50mm AUTOMATIC 110v or 230v


SKU: AHS24110

The HS Series pump has a 400 watt motor and all models have a cast aluminium body, cast iron pump casing and an impact resistant PVC strainer for durability. The urethane vortex impeller offers greater wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand or silt in suspension.  


All models have a 403 stainless steel body and have a stirring device to reduce blackages. Used predominantly as contractor pumps on site drainage duties but can also be used in other industrial apllications. Includes 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.


  • Body: 403 stainless steel
  • Seal: double mechanical Silicon Carbide (in oil chamber)
  • Impeller: Vortex
  • Wattage: 400w
  • Voltage: 110v or 230v
  • Flow: 205L per minute
  • Dims: 185W x 241L x 328mm H 
  • Weight: 12.0Kg  

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