Tar Boiler 25 Gallon with Tap Incl. Burner, Hose & Regulator

Roofing Tool Supplies


Tar Boilers 25 Gallon (Roofline) - Bitumen Boiler including burner, hose and regulator also in stock are buckets, ladles, pouring cans, gas torches

Bitumen Tar Boiler with Tap - 25 gallon (Inc Burner, Hose & Regulator)


  • Tar Boiler with tap
  • Removable inner tank & fully enclosed burner bracket.
  • Heavy-duty burner
  • Adjustable regulator (pressure 0 - 4 bar)
  • Hose (5m)

Technical Data:

Make: Roofline

Capacity: 25 Gallon

Approx Weight: 74kg

Approx Height: 850mm

Approx Diameter (Inc Handles): 860mm

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