Timco Multi-Purpose Classic Screw PZ2 Asstd Sizes (Tub)


SKU: 40050C2TUB

The Classic C2 is a twin cut multi-purpose screw which has a deep recess and ribs under the head for improved countersinking. It can be used for multiple materials like hardwood, softwood, thin sheet metal, chipboard, plastic & MDF.


  • Colour/Plating: Zinc & Yellow Passivated
  • Recess Type: Cross-Recess
  • Tub Qty: from 300pcs to 800pcs
  • Sizes available: 4.0 x 50mm, 4.0 x 80mm, 5.0 x 50mm, 5.0 x 70mm or 5.0 x 100mm 
  • Driver Bit Size: No. 2