Voltage Tester 2MM 1145 Mastercheck



Voltage Tester 2MM 1145 Mastercheck - High Quality Electrical Testers with protected circuit to guard against misuse


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Voltage Tester 2MM 1145 Mastercheck

The Mastercheck Voltage Tester has an LED scale for indicating all voltages in the domestic environment.

The Mastercheck 2MM is a 2-pole voltage tester that is also capable of indicating polarity and continuity. A 2-pole voltage tester is the only approved testing instruments that fulfils the requirements of work protection regulations.

Voltages of 50 Volt AC or 120 Volt DC and over can be tested without a battery. Other features include one-handed operation and automatic battery monitoring.

Tested and approved according to: EN/IEC 61243-3 (VDE0682 Part 401).

AC voltage measuring range: 6-400 Volt.
Frequency range: 0-100 Hz.
Protection degree: IP 65.
Display: LED.