Wood screws 12 X 2in PZ3 Zinc Plated Poz (TIMCO) 200PK


SKU: 00122CWZ

Pozidrive 12 x 2in Zinc Plated Wood screws 200PK - Quality Double Countersunk Steel Screws with Twin Threads Hardened to prevent torque shearing

TIMCO Twin Threaded Woodscrews PZ3

For use into softwoods and various types of hardwood.


.Sharp point and single leading thread for a fast start

.Twin-threads with parallel shank for faster insertion and greater pull out resistance

.Large core diameter for extra strength

.Surface hardened to prevent torque shearing under load

.Made from C10-18 Steel to ensure consistent quality

.Double countersunk reduces the likelihood of head shear and assists completion of countersinking

.Sold in two-piece strengthened laminated boxes