Diamond Drill Rig Unit - DBE352 (Eibenstock) - View Voltage


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Diamond Drill Rig - DBE352 (Eibenstock) - With heavy duty all metal motor body and gearbox for reinforced concrete Max Hole Size 352mm


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Made in Germany

Diamond Drill Rig Unit - DBE352 (Eibenstock)
The EBM352/3 is a powerful diamond drill with a heavy duty three speed gearbox
The large drive spindle is produced with dual ½ and 1¼ spindle
The drill can be used with water feed for drilling reinforced concrete and a quick release clamp is supplied for use with drill rig. Max drilling with rig in concrete 352mm

• dry drilling in brick & blockwork
• wet drilling in concrete
• for plumbing & heating trades
• electrical & telecoms trades


    EBM352/3 Diamond Drill 3000w
    Speeds 230/500/1030rpm
    Motor weight 12.5kg
    BST352 rig for complete unit