Rems Magnum 4000 - LT Threading Machine Up To 4in Incl. Wheel Stand & 5ltr free oil 110v or 240v


SKU: 380444

AVAILABLE IN 110v OR 240v. PLEASE CHOOSE WHEN ORDERING. Rems Magnum 4in pipe threader, Including Wheel Stand with Automatic Chuck, Universal automatic Die Head, Automatic Lubrication and Cooling

Rems Magnum 4000 L-T Threading Machine 

Includes Rems Wheel Stand And 5ltr Cutting Oil


Rems Magnum - High performance threading machine up to 4"

Pipe threads, ½ "- 4"

Bolt threads, 20 - 60mm

Compact and robust the Rems Magnum 4000 L-T is ideal for both workshop and site work, weighing just 81kg it is portable and easily transportable.

Supplied with:

  • Rems Magnum 4000 L-T Threading Machine
  • ½ - 2" Automatic Die Head
  • 2 ½ - 4" Automatic Die Head
  • The L-T version comes with a large removable oil basin and chip tray.
  • Self-tightening chuck, Universal automatic die head, Automatic Lubrication & Cooling.
  • Wheel option above "add to basket" button.

Drive Motor:

Fast and powerful 1700w motor, maintenance free gear that runs in a sealed oil bath, overload protection and spindle speed of 23rpm.

Operator friendly safety foot-switch with emergency stop.


Quick action hammer chuck eliminates pipe slipping, large space between chuck and centring device ensures secure clamping of long pipes.

Rear centring device for material alignment

Automatic Lubrication/Cooling

Reliable oil pump and high pumping capacity oil distribution is optimized onto the threading point through the die head, this ensures clean threads, long die, gear and motor life.

Universal Automatic Die Head:

Just 2 die heads for each of the sizes ½" - 2" and 2 ½" - 3"for all threads including long threads. Automatic opening with automatic thread length stop for tapered threads. 5 dies (2 ½ - 3" head) ensure even cutting force around the pipe generating round clean threads.

Quick and simple adjustment of thread size and fast change of the dies through lock in positioning within die holder.


Rems indestructible quality dies ensure excellent start cutting, easy threading and fast clean threads. The dies are manufactured from high grade steel, fully tempered and hardened for extremely long life.

Pipe Cutter:

Made of forged steel with a robust body the pipe cutter is self-centring has an ergonomic wide handle for powerful in feed and a specially hardened cutter wheel to ensure long service life.

Inner Pipe Deburrer:

Strong yet easy to handle deburring device with adjustable positioning. Specially designed twin cutting blade ensures easy deburring and optimum chip flow especially on smaller diameter pipes.

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